December 3, 2018

Is the story still true? Is the story still enough?


Thankful: Shout

November 18, 2018

On being people who shout before the walls come down. (Due to technical difficulties, the audio recording includes portions of our prayer requests/announcements. Sermon begins at 4:30.)


We Believe: The Life Everlasting

October 28, 2018

When belief manifests itself in our lives, the New Testament calls it bearing fruit. What do we know about fruit?


We Believe: The Holy Spirit

October 15, 2018

Where does God live? October 14, 2018


We Believe: The Third Day

October 1, 2018

When are you least likely to believe in resurrection? September 30, 2018


We Believe: Crucified

September 23, 2018

You don't live there anymore. Our series on the Apostles' Creed continues. September 23, 2018.

(Includes announcements and prayer requests. Sermon starts at 7:15. From our Contemporary Service with Rev. Will Shelton)

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September 9, 2018

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